Interior architecture is an art that helps the form to exceed the limits of imagination.

Our interior architecture studio AN IDEA is a harmonious team of specialists of design, three-dimensional visualization and building. Thanks to the cooperation with an experienced and qualified design engineer we are able to interfere in all structural levels of architecture.

From our long-term experience we know that customers while choosing an architectonical project are very often attracted by the attractiveness of the external body itself and they forget about the functional layout of inner space. That is why, we suggest taking advantage of our services before the beginning of building because during later interior design it appears that the layout of the rooms requires changes to adjust to the needs of individual users. It is connected with additional expenses. The user who has a vision of the interior of a flat as well as the needs of his family and who commissions the preparation of interior design has a guarantee of shortening the building time and avoids any additional expenses.

We prepare projects in the territory of Europe.

She cooperated with Black Red White company, and designed furniture and exhibitions (she designed over 55 furniture exhibitions all over the Europe). She participated in designing sets of furniture and chairs which were implemented to production, among other things "Indiana" and "Fregata".

Nowadays, she designs private and public buildings all over the Europe.

An interior architect helps to realise dreams of a beautiful interior, and simultaneously saves time and energy required to its creation as well as hastens the contemplation of the created space.