A logo exists to facilitate identification. Since the beginning of their history humans have always been seeking methods to express their individuality. This is why we create graphic symbols or letterings to easily identify companies and organisations, to differentiate them from their competition and to gain recognition. This is why we create logos. A logo should represent the company or a brand on company documents, cars, commercial merchandise, work clothes, buildings, etc. The more "surfaces" covered, the better the recognition.

To quote the Polish Wikipedia page: "A logo should affect a user in an appropriate manner chosen by the designers by creating associations and facilitating moods and, if it is possible, to lead to a desired user reaction (...). A good logo can be used in different sizes and places. This is enabled by logo scalability, that is the ability to change the size without the loss of visual clarity."

I am a professional and this is why I am able to create recognisable symbols suitable for every client.