The ALLOW lamp made of a transparent LED display screen was patented, designed and made in cooperation with AN IDEA ® Alicja Nawracaj Szramowiat and LedLIVE® company in 2019.

New solutions in the field of LED technology provide new possibilities when it comes to transparent display screens. From a practical point of view, the installation of a transparent display screen on a window (glass display case, on glass facade) does not obscure what is happening behind it. Despite the displayed content, the customer can see what the store/shopping centre has to offer inside.

In addition, LedLIGHT display screens fit into the ECO trends because much less material is used in production, and the power consumption is up to 3 times lower than in the case of standard media.  When they entered the market, innovative projects and unusual arrangements appeared. There are more and more places where LedLIGHT transparent display screens are part of the background, building the mood. It displays any content, such as forests, waterfalls, or products themselves without unnecessary background (3D effect), thus the customer is not attacked at the entrance, but encouraged to enter.

Innovation - window and handle covers for solo company in 2018.


IMPLEMENTATION OF A DESIGN STRATEGY", Alicja Nawracaj-Szramowiat performed design services

for SOLO consisting of:

- designing new, innovative products - aluminum covers for PVC windows - 3 new product designs - WINDOWS WITH ALUMINUM COVER (one design for each of the 3 styles - classic, modern, residential)

- designing new, innovative products - door handles - 6 concept designs

- designing a range of colours for new products - aluminum covers for PVC windows

The above activities were carried out in terms of stages, i.e. conceptual design, detailed design and supervision of the implementation.

Innowacja – nakładki na okna i klamki dla firmy solo w 2018 roku.

Innovation - illuminated window and anti-smog filter for pamo company in 2020.

Alicja Nawracaj Szramowiat helped in the implementation of the project in which PAMO puts new, innovative products on the market, such as windows with innovative functionalities in two categories:

- BASIC - innovative line windows equipped with air inlets in which carbon filters will be installed to stop air pollution: PM10 suspended dust, additionally they purify incoming air of hydrocarbons, organic substances and allergens.

- PREMIUM - in products of this category, air inlets will be equipped with carbon filters with increased density and effectiveness of eliminating pollutants and allergens.

In addition, the new offer will include the possibility of equipping windows with a LED strip, illuminating the glass surface. The lighting system built into the window will allow for atmospheric lighting of the interior and a distinctive colour of the building.

The lighting system will be controlled by a specially designed application, it will allow for atmospheric, multicoloured lighting of the interior depending on the user's preferences.

Innowacja - podświetlane okno i filtr antysmogowy dla firmy pamo w 2020 roku.