Expo 2020 Dubaj

Several lamps designed by Alicja Nawracaj Szramowiat made of LED panels and PVC produced by NEWMAT were among 21 Polish companies at Expo 2020 Dubai from November 18 to December 1, 2021, in the Poland at EXPO pavilion at the "Creative by nature" exhibition promoting Polish innovations, which was organised by the Polish Patent Office with the support of the Ministry of Development and Technology.

The exhibition aimed at promoting Polish innovations, design, and art, and was in line with the overall theme of EXPO 2020 and the main slogan of the Polish Pavilion, which was "Poland. Creativity inspired by nature". It presented selected, most interesting, and innovative products of Polish industry and craftsmanship. The creators of many of them were inspired by the beauty of nature.

The universal shape of ALLOW lamps fits into various interior design styles and allows for creating space in many ways. Placing two lamps next to each other at different angles creates an extraordinary effect that may be associated with the spread wings of a flying bird.